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Sports training with pain

At North Shore Chiropractic clinic  “Am I ok sports training with this pain?” is one of the most common questions we get asked.
So here’s a simple rule of thumb. Use the TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM. Once you’ve got a diagnosis and ruled out any nasties:


✅ 1-3 out 10 discomfort is a green light. Go for it!

?4-6 out of 10 discomfort is an orange light. You’re not stopping yet but your paying attention. If pain starts increasing then it’s time to skip this exercise. Most of the time we find as the exercise goes on the pain actually decreases.

? 7 out of 10 discomfort or higher is red a light. Stop training with pain. You’re not ready for this yet. But keep working to build back up to this!

If these problems persist make an appointment with one of our experiences practitioners at North Shore Chiropractic team in Pymble here.

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