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Over 50% of sport related injuries are due to sprains, strains and breaks of musculoskeletal tissue. So if you have a tendon injury you’re not alone.

Here is a simple nutritional hack to help you get more out of your rehab program.

Taking gelatin and vitamin C together before your tendon rehab session has been shown to double the amount of collagen (what tendons are made of) synthesis. Simple but very effective!

How does this work? Gelation has a similar amino acid profile to your tendons. Taking this before your rehab session preloads your body with the build blocks for your injured tendon. The vitamin C acts as a catalyst for the reaction helping your tendon to suck up the gelation like a sponge. Which means you rebuild healthy strong tendons quicker!

So what exactly should you do? 1 hour before your rehab session take 15grams of gelatin or collagen supplement with a vitamin C rich drink like orange juice. Pretty easy!

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