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Exercise Science

On top of your hands on care 

Starting on exercises for home or at the gym – tailored exercise science is a proven way to help reduce pain and build resilence to keep your problem areas at bay for longer!

The key to this lies in thoroughly assessing and understanding how your body is currently moving and how your muscles are activating. Here we can hone in on any dysfunctions underlying your pain or that may have you at risk of a similar injury further down the track.

Exercie science is something we are passionate about and include in any patient’s treatment plan who is willing and wanting to fix tendon, joint and muscle problems for good. We will provide you with the needed tools to start taking control of the dysfunction that has caused the injury and prevent it from occurring again. Exercise science will come in the form of specific stretches, self-massage techniques, activation exercises, strength exercises and/or neural gliding techniques, depending on what will work best for your condition. With these at your disposal you can feel in control and confident in your body’s ability to improve and function well.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in achieving your body’s potential.


Our Approach

Your joints are designed to move. When they stop moving properly unfavourable things happen. We see changes in posture, limited ranges of motion and stiffness. If left moving not enough or too much this can result in pain and injury. The Chiropractors at North Shore Chiropractic look at you as a whole so that we not only address to painful areas but also the dysfunctional areas which can often prolong your condition.

Based on our findings, your history, body type and preference we choose the joint therapy that is best suited to you. These include manual adjustments, instrument assisted adjustments and mobilisation combined with:


  • soft tissue releases / massage
  • shock wave therapy
  • dry needling
  • rehabilitation

What do I do about it?

First we need to take an in depth assessment to find not only the cause of your pain but also any hidden problem areas that may be causing some of these problem areas to stay painful. Once we have carefully diagnosed your pain and have a blueprint of how you are moving we tailor a treatment plan for you. This will save you both time and money by:

  • Increasing the specificity of treatments
  • Teaching you to look after the hidden problem areas
  • Reducing the overall number of treatment sessions – Treating your problem in the least amount of time and sessions.


Meet the Chiropractors at North Shore Chiropractic

Jakob Dolan

I have a simple ethos in practice and that is going above and beyond in the provision of care for my patients. I want them out of pain and moving their body to a better standard, often.

After Completing a Bachelor of Chiropractic science (Macquarie University) followed by a  Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University) I spent some time working in various clinics treating patients in Canberra and Broadbeach before returning to Sydney and co-founding North Shore Chiropractic Clinic with Jordan. I have been involved in lecturing and tutoring in various units in the chiropractic program at Macquarie University from 2011 to present.

Qualifications include:

FMS – Functional Movement Screen Certified
SFMA level I and II – Selective Functional Movement Assessment certified
Y-Balance Certified
Postural restorative Institute (PRI) Certified
Titlest performance institute (TPI) Golf medical certified
Dry Needling
Trained in Active release techniques (soft tissue therapy)

I hold professional memberships with The chiropractic Australia and Sports medicine Australia.

In my spare time I’m busy being a new dad! I enjoy surfing, I’m a new golf hole-in-one achiever and I love running when I can.

To book online with Jakob click – here

Jordan Lake

When working with clients Jordans goal is to get you moving well and keep you moving well.

His approach is simple. Get you out of pain, restore your proper mobility and the retrain the way you move. He has been inspired and influenced over the years by the work of Gray Cook, Stuart McGill, Charlie Weingroff and Ido Portal.

Jordan has also enjoyed co-working we other healthcare practioners ranging from GP, massage therapists and strength and conditioning coaches to help you attack your problem from multiple angles the enhance your results.

Qualifications include:

Bachelor of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)
Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)
Trigenics Registered Practitioner

Outside of clinic Jordan enjoys seeing the world, surfing badly!

To book online with Jordan click – here

Nick Dobson

Nick is the newest member of the North Shore Chiropractic team starting after completing his 5 year university Bachelor and Masters degree in 2016.

Nick has an avid love for all things sport, he is a National level swimming coach of Age group swimmers. This level of coaching gives him an inside into what swimmers body’s need to be fast, mobile, strong and importantly to recover.

Qualifications include:

Bachelor of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)
Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)
SFMA level I and II – Selective Functional Movement Assessment certified
Dry Needling
Trained in Active release techniques (soft tissue therapy)

Nick is a movie buff,  lives on the northern beaches and if not in clinic is likely catching a wave!

To book online with Nick click – here

Candice Chapple

Candice joined the North Shore Chiro team in 2024 and we are loving the energy she is brining to the clinic.

Graduating from Macquarie university Candice’s interest areas lie in magaging women’s health and restoring individuals to pain free living. Enabling patients to pursue their passions without limitations.

Outside of the the clinic, you’ll find Candice making the most of the outdoors – whether it’s at the beach, hiking, camping or skiing.

Candice’s qualifications include:

Bachelor of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)
Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)

To book online with Candice click – here

Small Group Exercise Classes

We run small exercise classes consisting or a mix of strength, mobility and pilates mat style training sessions.

Small group classes (no more than 3 people in a class) means that we can always keep an eye on how you are moving and give corrections where needed. Classes are practitioner lead for 45 mins and just $20 per class.

To discuss starting any classes please contact us at the clinic on (02) 94407388 or book in online.

Remedial Massage

Our Approach

Problems with your muscles, tendons and fascia can present in a variety of ways. Ranging from acute, painful inflammation to generalised stiffness and decreased mobility.

Our  experienced Remedial massage therapists are trained to identify the key problem areas and apply a variety of soft tissue, muscle active releases and manipulation techniques.

Based on your condition we work with you to decreased your pain, and have you moving how you should, quickly.


Gab Reiter

Trained in Remedial sports and deep tissue massage, Trigger point and myofascial techniques and lymphatic drainage. Gabbi holds Cert III and IV in personal training and is a certified balance and mobility instructor With 30 years of remedial massage experience in the Gordon, Mosman and Pymble areas.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a modern take on traditional acupuncture. After specific assessment myofascial trigger point are identified in the muscle.

These can then be directly addressed by dry needling. The goal of dry needling is to decrease pain and bring the muscle back to normal health often in conjunction with other forms of hands on care.

This results in an accelerated return to active rehabilitation. We’ve found dry needling to be a comfortable, safe and effective treatment to get you back doing the things you love quicker.


The way you move matters.

Based on our thorough physical and functional testing we design an exercise programs tailored to your needs. Targeted exercises are chosen to get you moving the way you were designed to.

Our goal is to get you out of pain and keep you there.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a new effective treatment for a range of tendon and muscle conditions. Treatments are relatively fast between 2-3 minutes per region and are often used in our clinic in conjunction with other hands-on methods to reduce pain fast.

Shockwave works by decreases pain by waking up your bodies natural healing responses and kickstarting new tissue regeneration, blood vessel growth and a release of the bodies natural pain neuropeptide.

Book here for a Shockwave treatment in Pymble.

Shockwave treatment is suitable for a wide range of conditions including:


Shoulder pain – rotator cuff tendinopathy

Foot pain – plantar fasciitis

Lower back pain – myofascial pain syndromes

Elbow pain – medial / lateral epicondylopathy

Leg pain – hamstring tendinopathy

Ankle pain – achilles issues

Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is delivered through our small device called the compex which sends painless electric impulses to your nerve fibres making your muscles contract involuntary.

The compex has proven to be effective following a treatment session to then activate “lazy” or “painful” muscles. Or used to strengthen weak muscles – causing problems that are hard to “switch on”.

The unit has settings so as it can also be used on the other side of the spectrum – to enhance a workout program. When we want more muscle unit recruitment, large muscle explosive strength and faster muscle recovery.

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If you still want more information please view the video links below.

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