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Exercise Science

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Starting on exercises for home or at the gym – tailored exercise science is a proven way to help reduce pain and build resilence to keep your problem areas at bay for longer!

The key to this lies in thoroughly assessing and understanding how your body is currently moving and how your muscles are activating. Here we can hone in on any dysfunctions underlying your pain or that may have you at risk of a similar injury further down the track.

Exercie science is something we are passionate about and include in any patient’s treatment plan who is willing and wanting to fix tendon, joint and muscle problems for good. We will provide you with the needed tools to start taking control of the dysfunction that has caused the injury and prevent it from occurring again. Exercise science will come in the form of specific stretches, self-massage techniques, activation exercises, strength exercises and/or neural gliding techniques, depending on what will work best for your condition. With these at your disposal you can feel in control and confident in your body’s ability to improve and function well.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in achieving your body’s potential.